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Living as young artists in a rural area can be tough if not given the right channels to express themselves. There is a major concern about the instruction and access to arts in public schools.

Student access to arts education and the quality of such instruction in the nation’s public schools continue to be of concern to policymakers, educators, and families. Specifically, research has focused on questions such as: To what extent do students receive instruction in the arts? Under what conditions is this instruction provided? What is the profile of arts education instructors? (Ruppert and Nelson 2006).
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With the arts taking on a slow, but consistent disappearing act from our public schools, there is nowhere for these young artists to express themselves outside of what is offered during school time, even with the fine and visual arts being widely available in some form.

While music and visual art are widely available in some form, six percent of the nation’s public elementary schools offer no specific instruction in music, and 17 percent offer no specific instruction in the visual arts.
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