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Donate to A.R.T.
A.R.T. Is a little program with big potential for the young people. Imagine an art program that can supplement a school based art program by immersing them in the art world– including preparing them for college expectations (i.e. Portfolios, etc.) and the business side of having an art business. With the right funding, these young artists can see a future in the Arts through early preparation.


Donate to F.B.I.
FBI is our Future Bot Innovators Robotics Team of young people who are interested in the sciences or undecided. They learn about Engineering the fun way– by designing, building, testing, inspections, networking with other teams and potential college sponsors, presentations and competing with them! Funding for this program purchases replacement parts and new parts and pays for training on design methods and transportation to events, entry fees and a host of other costs! We also want to start the robotics team for our little girls and boys who can start at age 6. Will you invest in the next Future Innovator of the next generation?


Building Fund
Can you believe that all of the work that the Foundation has done to date has been without a permanent “home”?  Imagine what the program can be with an established location!  The work done so far is a very small fraction of the work that the Foundation intends to implement for young people and community development planning, including innovative business development functions and mentoring spaces tailored for new businesses or other unconventional business space needs.  .

The Foundation already has a small plot of land in one of its target communities but needs to build a facility that is versatile enough to accommodate the variety of program offerings planned for both young people and the community.

Contact us if you would like to be a recurring donor of any amount towards this effort and we will set up an invoice monthly via Paypal via your credit card for your pledged amount until you contact us to stop.